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I'm Mikaela

Providing holistic health & wellness sessions for girls and women is my true passion. I specialise in period & hormone health in all life stages, pregnancy, and post-natal care, and offer home visits for new mums to help provide the village that supports recovery & wellbeing.

I have a strong philosophy of ‘less is more’, where my industry has gained a reputation for heavy product selling and expensive consults.

My work includes clinical consultations, relaxing & therapeutic bodywork sessions, epigenetic profiling programs and online education. Through 20+ years of training I utilise plant medicine and remedies, foods, tailored body treatments, cutting edge science & intuitive healing.

How I can support you

Masterclasses & e-books

Over the past 20 of years, I have gained a variety of knowledge about many elements of holistic health, nutrition & wellness. Because I know how life-changing these insights are, I decided to place some of my e-books in my online store to freely download.

For those who want to dig deeper into particular areas they need support, I have created an online course and several masterclasses that will educate you further on subjects such as immune wellness, balancing hormones & living in harmony with your own body’s cycles. 

Check out my brand new Cycles in Harmony online course. 

Science & age old traditional practices

I’m a degree trained naturopath, nutritionist and bodyworker and have helped thousands of women and girls over more than 20 years. I love combining science with age old traditional practices, to help my patients gain a deeper insight into their own body, and learn how best to look after it in a way that is individual to them and their stage of life.

Treat someone special

In the online store, you will find presents that are unique, created with love and good for your body too! Give new mamas a nourishing baby shower gift they will truly benefit from, or simply cheer up a friend who struggles with hormone health with a gift of my Moon Cacao.

Gift vouchers are most popular as they can be redeemed for any of my services. But also keep an eye out for other products in my gift store. I am currently working on several medicinal herbal products and more to come!

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Hi there, I've got some exciting news!

You can now sign up for my 8-week online course Cycles in Harmony! 

I designed this program to help you connect to & better understand your own body, balance your hormones & thrive with health.

There are different packages available. You can choose to go through the full course yourself or get personalised support from me.

Follow the link below and discover more about Cycles in Harmony. I look forward to helping you on your journey to a healthier life.