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Are you looking for a fresh approach to addressing your reproductive and emotional health?
Do you crave better hormone balance, easy periods, feeling bright and energised, and more in touch with your body?

I'm Mikaela

I am passionate about my work, providing holistic health & wellness sessions for girls and women. I specialise in period & hormone health in all life stages, pregnancy, and post-natal care, and offer home visits for new mums to help provide the village that supports recovery & wellbeing.

I am aware that my industry has gained a reputation for heavy product selling and expensive consults and have a strong philosophy of ‘less is more’.

My work includes clinical consultations, relaxing & therapeutic bodywork sessions and educational workshops and courses. Through 20+ years of training I utilise plant medicine and remedies, foods, tailored body treatments & energetic healing.

My offerings



1:1 Clinic consults

Relaxing & therapeutic bodywork sessions

Home visits for new mums

eCourses & educational programs

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I’m a degree trained naturopath, nutritionist and bodyworker and have helped thousands of women and girls over more than 20 years. I love combining science with age old traditional practices, to help my patients gain a deeper insight into their own body, and learn how best to look after it in a way that is individual to them and their stage of life.

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