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Immune wellness masterclass

Subjects covered ~
Immunity and the gut
Factors impacting immunity
Key nutrients for wellness
Food ideas and recipe book
Immune support (for vaxed & not vaxed)
Supplements and herbs
Home remedies
Lifestyle tips

By purchasing this 1 hour webinar you will


Cycles in Harmony

My new course for women is coming soon!


8 week online course delivered to your inbox with lifetime access

Find your way back to the best version of you!  Learn about your own unique body symptoms & how to treat them to optimise your hormone health. Simplifying healthy choices to support your digestion, liver, stress & energy. Cyclical living, emotional balancing & key lifestyle factors that will boost your vitality & balance your body



The 8 week online course plus
1:1 clinical sessions

Adding in 1:1 online sessions with Mikaela means you can receive more personalised guidance & support.  This compliments the self reflection & changes you are making already, and is designed to help with specific symptoms that may need more attention. 



The 8 week online course plus
1:1 clinical sessions & Mayan abdominal massage treatment

A comprehensive course with lifetime access. Increase knowledge about your own body & receive personalised advice and support. In person visits to experience a nourishing 2 hour Mayan abdominal massage.


(Please note – Mayan massage is not suitable for those with an IUD fitted, or during pregnancy)