Hi, I'm Mikaela

I moved to Australia in 2004 to complete Bachelor Degrees in Naturopathy and Nutrition, after years studying and working in the field of energetic medicine.  Due to my own health struggles, it felt very natural for me to focus on women’s health, encompassing hormone balance, fertility support, pregnancy and postpartum care for new mums and their babies.

I explored my passion for birthing through working as a doula, providing birth support to a women over a couple of years, which was exciting and fulfilling.

Ongoing Learning

I am always studying and am fascinated by the human body and its capacity for healing! Over the years I have travelled globally to learn more about traditional medicine, including attending a Herbal Apprenticeship programme on the Isle of Arran, Scotland in 2017 alongside just two other chosen students. We lived, breathed and meditated with plants for 2 months, learned to use wildcrafted herbs to make medicines for inside and outside the body, and generally got slow and connected (my favourite state to be!)

I have travelled to the USA to study with well learned practitioners in traditional herbalism, which helps me to choose the ‘best possible fit’ for individuals, based on constitutions and body signs. I also use cutting edge epigenetic profiling to support my practice, and love combining this, scientific and pharmacology knowledge and the traditional training, to create a strong foundation in my work. 

So with a brain full of varied information, my passion is providing therapeutic and relaxing body treatments alongside clinical based appointments, visiting new mamas in their home, and helping women worldwide be empowered and informed about their body.

In my spare time I love camping, festivals, bushwalks, gardening and reading. I have travelled for a few years out of my life, often just me and my backpack taking off to far flung places.



How I can support you