Mayan Abdominal Massage


What is Mayan abdominal massage?

Mayan abdominal massage is traditional to the Maya region of South America, & includes a number of realignment techniques incorporated into belly & lower back massage.

Full sessions are over 2 hours long & incorporate perineal (vaginal) steaming with medicinal herbs, and belly cupping. As a combination this treatment helps to allow the gentle repositioning of internal organs to allow optimal function (e.g. resolving a retroverted uterus), plus ‘warming‘ the pelvic cavity to remove any stagnation that could be contributing to reproductive issues, infertility, poor digestive function and prolapses.

In short, the treatment encourages flow to be restored, and the body’s own healing mechanisms to be assisted back to balance. Each session is tailored to your needs & comfort, and protects your modesty – all massage techniques are external, & you will be covered up for the most part, including during your perineal steam.

I will also help to teach you some self care for using at home as a way to enhance the session – for example castor oil packing, self massage, home remedies, moxa &  postural adjustments.

My background knowledge as a naturopath means I can help you find the best ways to help resolve your body symptoms.

How can Mayan Abdominal Massage benefit you?

Please note – this is unsuitable if you are on your period, have an IUD (Mirena) fitted, or are in the ‘2 week wait’ part of trying to conceive (pre-ovulation time is fine – and helpful!)


Ready to listen to your body?

If you are interested in Mayan abdominal massage, you can make a booking online. If you prefer to chat to me before deciding whether it is the best treatment for you, or how we can use some of the techniques in a shorter appointment – I’m happy to call you to discuss!