Buckwheat pikelets

Buckwheat is wheat and gluten free, and is rich in vitamins and minerals. If it is too dense for you, try mixing 50:50 with rice flour to get into the taste.

1 cup buckwheat flour
1 cup almond/rice milk OR water OR coconut milk
1 egg OR 1/2 medium banana OR 1 tbspn chia – soaked in 3 tbspns water OR 2.5 tbspn ground flax w water
Extra water if needed for ‘wrap’ consistency
METHOD – blend all ingredients together, allow to stand for 20 mins and fry into pikelets (for breakfast or alternative to crackers & bread) or thin larger pancakes (use as a wrap or roll & chop to make pin wheels).
OILS FOR FRYING – coconut, olive, butter (if dairy tolerated), sesame, macadamia
EXTRAS – add superfood powder, grated veggies or fruits to the mix, or spices & herbs, raw cacao, 1 cooked beetroot, pea protein powder
This mix can be kept in the fridge for 2-3 days for convenience.
Hummous (add ins – salmon, turmeric, tomato paste, cinnamon, roasted veggies, superfoods powders)
Avocado strips or guacamole dip
Beetroot/sweet potato/pumpkin & lentil dip – make in the blender adding some lemon juice/tahini
Salsa/olives/egg – boiled, poached, mixed with mayo, fried on top of pancake when flipped once, then folded

Marinated & fried strips of tofu/chicken/fish
Cucumber/ carrot/ celery/ capsicum/ beetroot/ mushrooms/ tomatoes
Shredded lettuce/spinach/alfalfa sprouts
Steamed broccoli or any leftover veggies
Sultanas/raisins/dates cut into strips
Apple/pear/berries/oranges/mango/paw paw
Banana & peanut butter (100% one) or tahini or almond/cashew/brazil butter OR dark choc chips
Live plain yoghurt (if dairy tolerated) OR coconut yoghurt/cream & a drizzle of honey
Cheese if tolerated