The benefits of ceremonial cacao for hormone health & PMS

Raw cacao is an ancient drink known for its ability to heal mental, physical & spiritual wellness. This sacred plant is from the raw cacao bean, and is naturally high in many minerals including iron & magnesium, plus various antioxidants & polyphenols. This means it is great for improving cholesterol, reducing inflammation, and supporting cognitive function as it increased the flow of blood to your brain. Cacao is also antibacterial and immune boosting.

The ancient history of cacao is rooted in South America for thousands of years and has the active ingredient theobromine, which is literally translated to ‘Food of the Gods’.

Cacao boosts dopamine & endorphin release to improve mood, change perspective, and release old patterns or habits that no longer serve you. Its healing qualities help to relieve PMS symptoms, and although it has stimulating properties through its caffeine presence it also aids meditation, supports blood sugar balance, and is a great daily drink for increasing alertness without the caffeine jitters!

Ceremonial grade cacao means that from tree to cup, the plant is cultivated with intention, and in alignment with the Cacao spirit, meaning the farmers, the land and the process are all treated with compassion & reverence. The bean is also fermented, then heated at low temperates & stone ground to preserve the natural oils & nutrients. This preserves the natural oils so creating a more velvety drinking experience.

I have developed a medicinal blend of ceremonial grade cacao with organic herbs, to create a drink that supports PMS, chocolate cravings, period pain, libido, stress management & hormone balance. Moon cacao is suitable for daily drinking, including for teens, males & new mums, though the shatavari means it is best avoided in pregnancy until the 3rd trimester.

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