Nutrition & Meal Planning

Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”. He recognised the ability of diet to alter the health state, and the deliberate use of foods to eliminate health conditions and promote well-being.

Optimum health and digestion relies on a number of factors on top of a balanced diet – sufficient water intake, stress management and adequate sleep are vital too. Our bodies can easily become depleted in essential nutrients through poor dietary choices, regular junk foods, alcohol, smoking and stress.

Principals of nutrition and your optimum health

The principles of nutrition I use to help support your optimum digestive function are numerous:

  • Balance of food groups – rather than the ‘traditional’ food pyramid, the needs of particular food types can vary from person to person, depending on individual health conditions, body type and treatment aims
  • Nutrient content – the application of particular amino acids, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals to improve mood, energy and health states
  • Food energetics – In traditional Chinese Medicine the emphasis is placed on how food is cooked to bring particular qualities, and the use of warming & cooling foods to treat different conditions and health states
  • Food combining for optimum digestion, and elimination of issues such as bloating, reflux and constipation Also eating to gain complete proteins for vegetarians, vegans and other special diets
  • Elimination of potential allergens/intolerances to enhance immunity and overall health, and reduce the symptoms of acute and chronic health conditions. This can include specific diets to suit test results or presenting symptoms, such as FODMAPS, GAPS, low salicylate or gluten/dairy free eating.

Nutrition, recipe & meal planning service

As a registered nutritionist I can provide rebates for private health funds that accept claims for nutrition.

I am able to provide bespoke recipes during your consultation, or a specialised meal plan that takes into account your dietary needs, tastes, time available for meal prep and other specifics.  Plans include a full shopping list, nutrient information and all recipes for your convenience, collated into a PDF document and delivered straight to your inbox.

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