Intuitive and energetic healing

What is BodyTalk?

BodyTalk is a healthcare system designed by your body – to address the emotions, physical or environment THE WHOLE STORY. Suitable for people, animals and plants.

Stress can overload our energetic circuits, causing them to fail or become compromised, like plugging too many appliances into an outlet and tripping a circuit breaker in your home. You have blown a fuse and must go reset it, but often times the body cannot reset these blown circuits on its own. As a consequence the body then must continue to function in a less than ideal state.

As a BodyTalk Practitioner, I rely on the guidance of the body’s natural wisdom to find the proper order in which they are to be restored. Rather than using invasive techniques, the session is focused on stimulating your body’s natural healing response to establish better communication with the body.

How does BodyTalk work?

Using a combination of western medicine & science supported research, such as epigenetics and neuroscience and ancient methods healing. These include Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy psychology, musculoskeletal alignment and the chakra systems. I work from a chart to access the energetic frequencies and gain information to carry out the session.

A session is relaxing, and can be carried out in a chair or on a treatment table while I gently use your arm in such a manner to establish Yes/No communication. This Yes/No communication is also called neuromuscular biofeedback, which is similar to applied kinesiology.

I then tap gently on areas of the body (or away from the body if for example I’m working with a sensitive person or a small baby). Tapping has been used by some indigenous holistic systems, such as yoga, for centuries, and is becoming popular in Western culture over the past years. Tapping on head tells brain to “fix” faulty communication circuit and heat to “store” the fix. Body parts may be held to help with focus. Breathing helps brain scan the body to locate imbalances.

Often I will use Flower Essences or Vibrational Remedies in conjunction with a session, to continue the healing throughout the days following. I find this is consistently helpful for children and adults, and it is normal to feel a little tired after a treatment as the brain is slowing down and recalibrating. I often get kids asking parents to come back for more of that ‘tapping thing’ as they feel the benefits themselves! Read more about BodyTalk



What is BioFeedback?

In the same way as BodyTalk helps to restore the natural balance through finding core issues being held in the body, BioFeedback works in a similar way.  The difference is that the help of cutting edge technology provides visual 3D images of the workings of the body to be explored during a session.  My training with the ‘Medicine Way’ machine was done in the USA in Denver Colorado, where I will continue to train and update my knowledge.

BioFeedback technology is a way to read frequencies of body tissue to find where it isn’t functioning at its best.  Each cell of the body (and everything in the Universe) has its own sound frequency ranging from 6.5-84 decibels.  By detecting the frequencies that are ‘off’, we can establish potential issues, and then help to correct them by bringing the frequency back to its optimal state.  This is done by wearing a headset whilst relaxing and watching the screen, so is completely non-invasive.

Like all energetic healing, it allows healing on the physical, mental and emotional levels, and I am using it in conjunction with the beautiful energy of herbs, food and BodyTalk, in a way to suit each patient individually.   Signature remedies are commonly ‘imprinted’ during the session, giving you your tailor made remedy bottle to take home and continue the treatment benefits.

Remote BioFeedback sessions

The beauty is that I can do remote sessions for those who can’t see me in person.  It is completely safe and non invasive, and you get to see images of the scan so you can watch your progress and improvements as well as feel them for yourself.


**(Biofeedback machine suitable for all except those under the age of 5 or pregnant)  If you a medical history of heart disease or stroke, or are fitted with a pacemaker/metal structure/implant, you can receive a biofeedback treatment safely through a distance session using your DNA (hair, nails, saliva) to scan and treat that way.  


What is Reiki?

Originating in Japan, Reiki is the channelling of ‘ki’ or the life force through the practitioner and into the recipient to bring about positive change.  Reiki can be done either hands-on or non-contact, using various hand positions as required by the person receiving.  Reiki is based on 5 simple principles ‘Just for Today‘:

  • Do not be angry 
  • Do not worry 
  • Be grateful 
  • Work with integrity 
  • Be kind to others

Mikaela’s style of treatment is intuitive, whilst utilising the traditional teachings, to create a relaxing treatment that is tailored to individual needs. 

Reiki can be helpful for

  • Alleviating symptoms of health complaints
  • Increasing recovery time and healing of injuries
  • Relaxing and reducing stress levels
  • Improving sleep patterns
  • Promoting emotional balance & a healthy mental attitude