Smoothies are completely versatile and can be tailored to taste, health needs and to get the right texture.  Play around with different ingredients to get the flavours you want – it’s a perfect place to hide some spinach leaves, avocado, or even bee pollen for a dose of B vitamins!  I have to say, in most cases I’m not a fan of icy drinks – as for many people the digestion is weak or sluggish, and benefits from ‘heat’ – cooked/room temperature or above/with warming spices added.  I recommend letting frozen berries thaw overnight, or just let your smoothie stand for a while to take the chill off.  

The basics –

1 cup rice/almond/coconut/oat milk OR coconut water
1 cup berries/apple/banana/papaya/rockmelon/pear/kiwi/orange/mango

Add on’s –

PROTEIN – 2 heaped tbspn protein powder – whey (if tolerated), pea, hemp, sprouted grain or seed powders are also available

FATS – 1 tbsp seeds (chia, sunflower, pepita, hemp, flax, LSA), 1/2 avocado, 1 tbsp coconut oil/flakes/yoghurt, 1 tbspn lecithin helps to emulsify fats and gives a nice creamy texture 

SWEET – 3 dates, 1 tspn molasses (good source of iron and minerals), honey (manuka or raw local honey contains immune supporting compounds, and is good for digestion), vanilla extract

NUTRIENT BOOST – handful of spinach, 1 tsp bee pollen (B vits), greens powder or other concentrated fruit/veg powder, 1 tbsp cacao (rich in magnesium, iron and minerals – and helps reduce chocolate cravings!), 1 tsp cinnamon (blood sugar balance, warming to digestion),  1 tsp ginger (supports digestion and warms the body, anti inflammatory), 2 cubes of frozen bone broth (gut healing)

FERMENTED – for probiotic balance in the bowel – add a tablespoon per serve – kefir (water, milk, coconut), yoghurt (coconut, milk)