Infused flavoured water

Not everyone enjoys drinking water – it can be boring, bland and unappetizing. Adding some fruit and herbs to your water, and making different choices of what type of water, can jazz things up a bit.

Mineral/soda/filtered water according to your preferences – fizzy is fine!
Add one or two of the following –
Sliced citrus – orange/lime/lemon (care with lemon/lime as it can affect tooth enamel in large quantities)
Fresh/frozen berries
Sliced stone fruit
Sliced pears
Fresh mint leaves (a handy hint is to freeze the leaves in ice cube trays with water so they are easy to grab when you need)
Lavender leaves
Rosemary leaves
A dash of vanilla
A dash of bitters – good for digestion!
Ginger sliced
Herbal teas – this applies to teabags too – 1 bag/tspn for 1L drink, steeped overnight ((eg Rooibos, rosehip, nettle (full of iron!), liquorice, cinnamon, ginseng))