Gelatine gummie treats

Gelatine is derived from animal bone, and due to its high protein and mineral content is a wonderful food to heal and repair cells within the body. This makes it fantastic for many aspects of good health –

• digestive integrity – healing leaky gut (cause of allergies/intolerances, poor immunity)
• supports hair, skin and nail growth and health
• tightens skin (anti-ageing, anti-cellulite, toning)
• promotes balanced mood, and good sleep patterns
• aids repair to cartilage and joints

2/3 cup of fresh/defrosted berries (also works with juiced fruits with a little pulp)
1/2 cup of water/coconut water/kombucha
1/3 cup of Great Lakes Gelatin (red label – bovine) or another unflavored gelatin
6-10 drops of Stevia/ 2-3 tbspns honey or manuka honey/rice bran syrup
Blend the berries in a blender and add the fluid, pureeing until it has the consistency
of runny yoghurt.
Pour the berry mixture into a small saucepan, put the heat on medium, add sweetener
and slowly add the gelatin. Stir/whisk the mixture till all the gelatin is disolved.
Pour the mixture into shaped molds, ice cube trays, or just a small 8×8 Pyrex pan.
Leave in the fridge until it fully sets (around 30 minutes).
If you used a pyrex dish, slice with a knife or pizza cutter, or cut out shapes with mini
cookie cutters.