Beetroot/ kumera/ pumpkin dips

I love making up dips – they can be from anything in the pantry or what veggies you have left at the end of the week. Anything roasted is basically great – the root veggies but also cauliflower, capsicum, onions, garlic – whatever you love. Great with crackers, veggie sticks, spread on pikelets or wraps, sandwiches, or topping a salad or main meal for extra flavours. Lots of possibilities!

Blend roasted veggies in the food processor, and add additional flavours and items to create texture and the desired consistency –
Tin of cannelini beans/brown lentils/chick peas – protein and fibre
Tahini paste – essential fats and calcium, and provides a nutty flavour
Lemon juice – also the zest can really lift the flavours
Dried or fresh herbs
Sunflower seeds or paste
Peanut butter
Ricotta – if you can tolerate dairy – good source of protein