Arame, beet & carrot salad

This recipe is taken from the Green Medicine Institute, and is a tasty dish for those wanting to incorporate more sea vegetables into their diet.  Seaweed contains iodine which aids thyroid function which controls the metabolism and our drive for life.  Combined with the beetroot and dressing, the salad is packed with nutrients for alkalizing and cleansing.  It warms the body, aids digestion and provides essential fats for nervous system nourishment.  The pumpkin seeds also provide zinc, making this dish good all round for healthy skin, hair and nails.

1⁄2 cup arame seaweed
1/3 cup beetroot grated
1/3 cup carrot grated 1 spring onion diced
1-2 red radishes slivered

2tbs sesame oil (or flaxseed oil)
1 tbs mirin (easily available from supermarkets)
1 tsp tamari
1 tbs brown rice vinegar
1 inch ginger minced/chopped 1 clove garlic crushed/chopped 6 sprigs chopped coriander
leaves & stems 1tbs diced red chilli or dried chili flakes
1/3rd cup toasted pumpkin seed for garnish

Soak arame in hot water for 5 minutes to re hydrate
Strain and allow cooling to room temperature
Grate Beetroot and carrot
Chop spring onions
Chop radishes into small slithers
Combine ingredients into mixing bowl
Combine dressing ingredients, mix and dress salad