Anti viral oregano pesto

Oregano Pesto  This recipe from Kami McBride is a great side for adding to pasta, topping a salad or some cooked greens.  I would also put it with eggs, on toast and as a lovely dip.  The oregano gives it anti-viral properties, so is helpful if there is sickness around that you want to keep… Continue reading Anti viral oregano pesto

Coconut lemon chicken soup

This is a recipe from quirky cooking – and is delicious and nourishing.  Suitable for stove top and Thermomix alike. 2 inch fresh ginger 1 inch fresh turmeric 2-3 large clove garlic a handful of fresh coriander 2 spring onions, quartered 1 red chilli, seeds removed 1 litre home-made chicken broth 400g coconut milk (tinned… Continue reading Coconut lemon chicken soup

Coconut lamb

This is a lovely wintery dish with warming spices and dairy free – quick to prepare then leave to simmer on the stove. 2 onions Dash of olive oil 1 tbspn fresh coriander 1 tspn cumin pinch saffron Salt & pepper 3 carrots 2 tomatoes 450g diced lamb 1 cup coconut milk Chop onions &… Continue reading Coconut lamb

Raw avocado lime pie

This dessert contains no gluten, dairy, grains or sugar (or nuts if you like), and is naturally sweetened with stevia.  It comes from the naturalfamilywilderness blog, and is a nice treat using activated (soaked) nuts & seeds.  In the place of almonds you can use more pumpkin seeds for the nut free version.  The spirulina… Continue reading Raw avocado lime pie

Miso soup

Miso is a fermented food, which makes it good for digestion and therefore immune health. You can buy miso paste from the health shop – either soy or brown rice based. The paste gives you better value for money, although the individual sachets can be convenient for carrying around. It is a great filler if… Continue reading Miso soup

MYO almond milk

Almond milk from the shops can be full of additives and fillers – its good to check labels as brands differ. Home made is much nicer in taste I find, and is cheaper too. I recommend allowing the almonds to soak in the fridge during the hot summer months, to avoid rancidity. The other great… Continue reading MYO almond milk