Menopause support recipe eBook

This eBook contains 15 recipes with targeted nutrition to address menopausal concerns including weight gain, bone health, and hot flushes (gluten, dairy & sugar free)

$7.50 inc. GST

Find your way back to the best version of you!  Learn about your own unique body symptoms & how to treat them to optimise your hormone health. Simplifying healthy choices to support your digestion, liver, stress & energy. Cyclical living, emotional balancing & key lifestyle factors that will boost your vitality & balance your body

What you get

Using the recipes from this menopause recipe book helps you to incorporate specific nutrients ~

  • calcium and magnesium for healthy bones
  • protein to support a healthy weight
  • phytoestrogens that are know to reduce hot flushes

All 15 recipes are gluten, dairy & sugar free, easy to follow & provide specific nutrition information.
A shopping list is also included for your convenience.