Joyful Heart essence

A vibrational essence of rose petals, star ruby, citrine & sunstone charged by the light of a full moon. 50ml.

$25.00 inc. GST

Find your way back to the best version of you!  Learn about your own unique body symptoms & how to treat them to optimise your hormone health. Simplifying healthy choices to support your digestion, liver, stress & energy. Cyclical living, emotional balancing & key lifestyle factors that will boost your vitality & balance your body

What you get

Joyful heart is a vibrational essence of rose petals combined with crystal essences. The energy of star ruby, citrine & sunstone were lovingly captured at the time of full moon to increase their potency.
Joyful heart can be helpful for promoting emotional balance, healthy boundaries, libido, sensuality & alleviating PMS symptoms.

Ingredients – Rose petal tincture, vibrational essence of star ruby, citrine and sunstone.  Purified water, brandy (preservative).

Directions – place 3-5 drops under your tongue, added to a glass of water before drinking.  Alternatively, add to  your Moon Cacao hot chocolate drink for extra loving potency!