Iron deficiency and post-Covid syndrome

Iron deficiency is such a common occurrence amongst bleeding women, and often falls under the radar of detection as the range given as standard is huge.

But is low iron playing a part in post-Covid syndrome?  Recent studies seem to say this is the case.

Post viral syndrome refers to prolonged fatigue following an acute viral infection.  There can be lots of triggers, including tissue inflammation, and unresolved viral activity still happening in the body.  There has obviously been countless research carried out since the first incidence of Covid 19 over 2 years ago, but recently the link between iron deficiency anaemia and the after effects of infection is being recognised.

Iron has a very important role to play in energy production due to oxygenation of tissue, and mitochondrial function (the energy factory of the cells).

In the research, it was found that those who were hospitalised for ongoing issues after infection were commonly low in iron, compared with those who seemed to make good recovery.

Although there are many factors relating to overall immunity, and the root causes of low iron (eg poor stomach acid production, parasites, or heavy menstrual periods) it is important to keep a check on your blood tests and have a second opinion if you are being told your results are all ‘fine’ but your instinct says something doesn’t feel right.

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