The minefield of choosing the right milk

It can be really difficult to choose which type of milk to buy, but here is the lowdown on the different categories, to help you choose what’s best for you and the family. I advocate always using organic milk if possible, to avoid the hormone element of dairy products. Remember that milk is to be classed as a food, and for that reason should be used in moderation.  The best alternative is to avoid dairy milk, and choose a good quality dairy free if that suits you better!

A2 milk – milk from Jersey cows, less likely to produce an allergic response due to the type of casein (milk protein) present.

Full fat – generally the best option for people in order to obtain a whole food, calcium etc, and definitely in kids under the age of 2.

Low fat – if you have a high estrogen condition (e.g. fibroids, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries) this is best, as hormones are carried in the fat molecules of milk.

Skimmed – the least favourite choice as unlikely to obtain any calcium or general nutrients.

Rice/almond/oat/hazelnut milk – great alternative for those with dairy sensitivity. MYO is always the best option if you have the time. See link to recipe for almond milk here 

Soy milk – generally highly processed and not something I recommend on a very regular basis. Some wholebean soy milks are available and are the only ones to consider using if at all.