Liver health & its role in hormone balance

If you sense your hormones are out of whack, it may be because you frequently suffer with symptoms that worsen close to your period.  Things like crankiness, fluid retention & clothes feeling tighter, fuzzy head, sleeping poorly & breast tenderness can all stem from hormone imbalances.
It can be useful to carry out some hormone tests, but even if you haven’t got any clear answers or are unable to test, you can still make some positive decisions to help your body.
Starting with liver support! The liver is one of the major organs for flushing out excess oestrogen, so is a great place to explore.
Diet is our foundation, so assess if you are eating liver supporting foods – did you know turmeric (fresh or dry) is a great detoxing aid? By using in your meals or drinks daily (1/2-1 tsp) this can be super beneficial.  Cooked brassica veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbages, brussel sprouts) are amazing for liver function too!  Cooked is preferable in case you have slow thyroid, as these foods contain goitrogens that aggravate the thyroid, but are reduced even with light steaming.
Bitter foods such as rocket, cinnamon, lemon & radishes stimulate overall digestive enzymes which also encourage the liver to get to work with cleansing the body.

Other approaches come in the form of supplements & herbs.  Nutrients such as broccoli sprouts are found in powder or capsule form, and increase the detoxification process to promote clearing out used hormones.   There are also many different liver focused herbs, for example St Mary’s thistle & dandelion root, though it is a good idea to consult with a practitioner to find the ones that suit your constitution & specific signs & symptoms.  Drinking dandelion root tea on a daily basis can be an easy and safe way to use herbal medicine for people of all ages.
The positive effects of using these methods are hormone clearance rather than reabsorption & restimulation of the hormone receptors, increased bile (your body’s natural laxative), & improved digestive function overall.  Be aware that there is a difference between liver support & liver detoxing – so be aware that if you push your liver too hard with supplements without building up to it, you may experience headaches, nausea and fatigue – go gently!

If you have signs such as PMS, nausea, poor appetite or constipation, your liver might be the place to start looking. Bringing gentle daily liver support into your life can be a part of re-dressing the balance.

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