Love your cycle by Mikaela Duffy

Love your cycle - online course

Welcome! Learn how to sync, balance & thrive in the modern world.
Love your Cycle is perfect for busy women who want to increase energy, improve life quality & help balance hormones, by learning to live in sync with their natural rhythms

What do I get by taking this course?

  • Love your Cycle saves you time & money! Get clinical advice from an expert practitioner – no more researching & interpreting information from unqualified sources
  • Learn easily how to interpret the flow of your own cycle, & identify if something is out of balance
  • Understand your hormones, what roles they play through the month & why that alters your mood, energy, food cravings, exercise capacity & brain function
  • Guidance on planning your work & home diary around these changes to get the best out of your body, energy & weight management
  • Practical & safe advice on key foods, nutrients, herbs & supplements that actually work!
  • Short videos/audios & handouts to suit your learning style & busy life – nothing longer than 10 minutes at a time to listen at your convenience
  • PLUS bonus material and discounts including:
    • Special offer clinic services, step by step guidance on self care topics, food prep & meditation, & plenty of cheat sheets for quick reference!

Why choose this course?

This course is for life

I am passionate about empowering women to take control of their hormones and the advice I offer comes from my years of clinical experience. This is backed by information that is scientifically grounded and steeped in traditional healing wisdom, and very importantly safe for all.

This course is yours for life – you can go back and refer to it as and when you need it – it represents incredible value for money.

Who is this course suitable for?

If you are a busy menstruating female, who struggles with the demands of life, would like more energy & a new way of living to provide more balance in a practical easy way, this course is perfect for you! There is discussion about libido, so you may feel this is not suitable for younger girls in their early menstrual years.

Perfect information! I loved learning all of this! Specifically knowing what the hormones do and when they affect my body. I wouldn’t change anything and would recommend to anyone”. Cindy, QLD

“Thanks! I found it really helpful to understand the pros & cons of each phase, please make a version for teen girls – my 16-year-old daughter would love it!”. Lisa, QLD

I am currently offering a free preview – see the link below to learn how you can take control of your health, and increase your energy by working with your cycles!


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