How Naturopathy can support Chiropractic care

You may be having regular visits with your chiropractor to maintain a healthy spine and  nervous system, and as you will know, these are the fundamentals of overall health and wellbeing.  But have you thought about using supplements that support all the efforts made by both you and your practitioner?  Are you taking products already… Continue reading How Naturopathy can support Chiropractic care


Salt – is it good for us?

Salt is a topic I often discuss in clinic, as there are many different salts on the market, and conflicting ideas around safe consumption levels. Firstly, it is important to remember there is a world of difference between table salt (the regular salt found on supermarket shelves, and added to most convenience foods) and the… Continue reading Salt – is it good for us?


Hydration – are you drinking enough?

Water is our most important life source, and good quality fresh water is vital in adequate amounts on a daily basis. Not only does water nourish every cell in our body and encourage effective flushing of toxins via our kidneys, bowels and skin, it effects the firing of nerve signals, prevents inflammation,  reduces oedema, and… Continue reading Hydration – are you drinking enough?


Why detox for fertility?

We are surrounded by toxic substances – the air we breathe, food we eat and water we drink all potentially contain chemicals that accumulate in the body over time.  In addition, toiletries, laundry products and cleaning chemicals can contribute to creating an overload.  The knock on effects can include digestive problems, impaired immunity, hormone imbalances… Continue reading Why detox for fertility?