Post partum visits (Brisbane area & virtual sessions)

I love bringing my extensive knowledge as a women’s practitioner and background as a birth doula, to support you in your home.

For helping your birth recovery, choose from one or more of the following –
~ Naturopathy consult & advice for recovery, healing & lactation support
~ Nutrition support/recipes/meal plans
~ Herbal, homeopathic & flower remedies (post birth healing & repair, emotional support e.g. anxiety, overwhelm & fatigue)
~ Herbal body treatment relaxing belly wrap to calm, rejuvenate and tone the uterus & internal organs (this is the only part that is currently unavailable with online sessions)
~ BodyTalk/Reiki treatment for mum & bub (physical & emotional support e.g. new mum anxiety, settling & birth trauma release)
~ Remedies for baby e.g. colic, settling to sleep

*Prices vary depending on location and length of visit – contact me for further information

*Gift vouchers available