Consult fees & what to expect

What can I expect to happen during an initial consultation?

  • A comprehensive analysis of present health concerns and relevant body systems in order to gain an understanding of your condition
  • Discussion about lifestyle and diet, medical and family history
  • Assessment of present medication to avoid possible interactions
  • In-clinic testing/assessments as appropriate using BioFeedback technology device
  • Referral for blood/urine/salivary tests if necessary
  • Iris, tongue and nail analysis
  • A prescription tailored to your needs from a large range of resources such as herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, flower essences & vibrational remedies
  • Dietary and lifestyle advice with appropriate handouts to take home
  • BodyTalk techniques and/or BioFeedback technology to stimulate the innate healing response of the Mind-Body complex

Each part of the consult is according to the needs of the individual, and priorities for them on the day.


Initial consult (1.5 hour) $180
Initial for children under 12 years    (1 hour) $120
Follow up (1 hour) $120
BodyTalk/Reiki session (1 hour) $120
 Acute consult (colds/coughs) & supplement check $70