Endeavour college – I qualified in both Naturopathy and Nutrition at this college – its has a world renowned degree programme, and has campuses around Australia.  

BodyTalk – I am a certified BodyTalk practitioner – a modality recognised around the world and growing in popularity.  Click below for more information

Ohana Health & Wellbeing – The clinic I work at in North Lakes, as part of the Ohana family.  My fellow practitioners and I have worked together for the best part of 10 years in the North Lakes area

Drimlabarra Farm – this farm on the Scottish Isle of Arran is where I took part in a 2 month apprenticeship in early 2017 – learning Celtic herbalism, wildcrafting & medicine making, plus a whole lot more.  I feel it has added so much to my knowledge, and broadened my perspective on the wonderful possibilities when using herbs for healing. 

TED Talks

– I love this video by Dr Libby Weaver – she explains beautifully the struggle of modern day women’s biochemistry, the impact of stress, and the difficulty this creates for women when trying to lose weight

– This animation shows how stress creates inflammation and damage to the various systems of your body and immunity


FOOD – sites I love